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Introduction to producing virtual events

(Zoom based)

Objectives of the course

We are all taking our facilitation processes online!  This stretches the range of competencies required as facilitators.  In this introductory course we focus on the role of a producer in delivering great virtual events.    We consider some of the producing tasks, focusing on Zoom but considering more general implications for producing on other platforms.

Whether you are already performing the role, or a novice, this taster will enable you understand the role of the producer, improve your confidence to play this role and minimize disruptions in virtual facilitation processes.  

What will it cover?

This 2.5 hour session will cover:

  • The role of the producer and the interaction with facilitator before, during and after a facilitation process
  • Distributing the producer role across a team during a large event
  • How to provide basic technical support to participants, before and during the meeting, including basic adaptations to optimize bandwidth and stability
  • "Tweaks" which can be made to the event design to make the producer's role easier and to 'de-risk' the event
  • Key features of the Zoom dashboard which have producer implications
  • Setting up and moving between breakout rooms

By the end of this 2.5 hours you will have:

  • Experienced and discussed breakout rooms from a participant and producer point of view, and finnessed the way in which you set them up
  • Developed a repertoire of troubleshooting tips and practices
  • Considered the information which should be provided in pre-event briefings

Where, when and how?

This course is delivered remotely online via Zoom. We are not providing a dial in option for this particular event: you will need to join via a Zoom app or an internet browser.  A basic familiarity with Zoom is assumed.  Refer to if you need to know how Zoom works. Please contact us if you need any particular support to be able to fully participate.

The language of this session will be in English. 

Next course:

Date:  Available on Request

Time:  09h50 - 12h30 (SAST) (To check if this time is suitable for you, in your timezone, please go to 

How much?

  • Participants from US, Canada, Europe:   $61 or ZAR 1070 excluding VAT 
  • All funders, consultants and private sector organizations:    $61 or ZAR 1070 excluding VAT
  • Participants from not-for-profit sector in Africa/Asia/Latin America:   $36 or ZAR 640 excluding VAT

Only valid for 1 participant - per registration


Want to know more?

Contact:   Janine at

Tel:            +2721 422 0205

Practical skills for meaningful social change

Through our training programme Southern Hemisphere has been providing practical skills for meaningful social change for 18 years. Now, in partnership with Orla Cronin Research, we are offering this course to assist MEL Practitioners, Consultants, Project Managers, Researchers, Evaluator, Trainers, Directors, Leaders, Planners and Development practitioners (and anyone facilitating or supporing online processes).  

Trainer profile

Órla Cronin is a research psychologist, facilitator, trainer and consultant to NGOs and other civil society organizations.    In over twenty years of facilitating, she has developed a broad toolkit of live and virtual facilitation methods. She has a deep commitment to participatory approaches e.g. Technology of Participation, World Café, Agile, Solution Focus, Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry. 

She facilitates live (eg. Armenian Centre for Human Rights organisational review), virtual (e.g. Barefoot Collective ‘virtual writeshop’) and ‘hybrid’ workshops (e.g. WWF organisational development virtual workshop – 19 organisational development practitioners globally, with 20 more joining from their ‘live’ meeting in Tanzania, and a global hybrid workshop on advocacy for Amnesty International). 

For a fuller CV see: