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Unit 5, 1st Floor, Rozenhof Office Court, 20 Kloof Street Cape Town, Johannesburg
Phone: (021) 422-0205

Messages From Past Interns

" I loved working at SH and if there was the opportunity to be employed for further work, I would definitely be interested. The internship is a great opportunity to gain experience and I felt like I learnt a lot within a very short time. This experience helped me to get my current job and has helped me feel confident in my work. The training was excellent and a highlight of my internship; I am very grateful I was able to participate in so much training." Kate Welsh (2015)

" Gail Smith was the very first intern at Southern Hemisphere and joined us straight after finishing her Honors in Sociology at the University of Cape Town. She liked her experience so much that she decided to stay with us for the next four years where she continued to work as our junior researcher until 2004 when she was awarded the Nelson Mandela Scholarship. She completed her Masters at the University of Sussex. She now works for the Department of Economic Affairs in the Western Cape Provincial Govenrment." Gail Smith - First intern ever!

" Southern Hemisphere supported me with guidance and resources, and with the knowledge I had gained from my initial project, I felt equipped to design workshops for youth that fit into the South African context."
Cheryl Schoenberg,
UNESCO Chair of Peace and Philosophy at Universitat Jaume I, Spain.

"Simon believes that the internship with Southern Hemisphere has helped him gain many skills that are necessary for the work environment. This internship program has definitely helped him in improving his communication skills, especially in learning how to effectively communicate with both clients and co-workers. Moreover, it gave him a grasp on what it means to actually be able to manage working simultaneously on different projects and tasks. Simon began working for the CSVRin Cape Town after completing his internship at Southern Hemisphere.."
Simon S. Vilakazi

" Being an intern with Southern Hemisphere was a fantasic experience an a great opportunity, which has opened the doors for a great future. The experince at Southern Hemisphere was great! From the start I was fully engaged in the projects, I was actually the project co-ordinator for a couple of them, I was involved with all the decision making processes and I was given the necessary tools to be able to grow professionally. After I returned to Italy, I was interviewed for many jobs, many of them were interested in my professional profile because of the experience I had made in South Africa."
Giorgia Varisco, UNESCO Chair of Peace and Philosophy at Universitat Jaume I, Spain

"As an intern at Southern Hemisphere you are given the opportunity to actively participate in work at all levels. I developed new skills in research in a wide range of areas. The job involved a high degree of accuracy, attention to detail, diligence, the ability to organise, assertiveness and communicating effectively. My experiences during this internship are invaluable. I learned the importance of making people your priority in any organisation or project (participatory approach). This was a great internship that I wish more university students could experience."
Christy Tawii, B Tech, Environmental Managment, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2008).

"I want to thank Southern Hemisphere for accommodating me in a nice conducive environment. It’s been a real pleasure for me to receive such good training and exposure to the world of work. Now I know what to expect from outside and inside in the working environment- because of you!" Andrew Mkhontswana, Honors degree in Development Studies and a BA in Public Administration, University of the Western Cape. 

" Southern Hemisphere, more than just a practical internship, has become like a family for me. Southern Hemisphere helped to better visualize the outcomes and practical results of global and macro level decisions into a micro and communities level practices. The internship program helped me put into perspective how decisions taken at the international level can influenced people's lives in a daily basis… And, if I'm here today in the UN, it's actually because of their trustiness and opportunity in South Africa.." Marcelo Rodriguez..

"Working with Southern Hemisphere was a great adventure that created opportunities for me to develop new skills in research and project management, while I diversified my career prospects. I was fully involved in projects, office duties and also worked as a projects coordinator and Fieldworker, which progressively transformed theory into practice. It was also an exciting experience for me to learn and interact with people of different culture in South Africa in their daily life while at work"
Hannah Muthoni Macharia, MA in Peace, conflict and Development Studies from the UNESCO Chair of Peace and Philosophy at Universitat Jaume I, Spain (intern 2006).

"It will definitely take some time to absorb and to process the fact that I won't be part of the SH team any longer. It's very sad when good things come to an end.  I don't think words can adequately convey how positive and valuable my time working with you all has been. I really consider myself privileged to have been part of a team of dedicated, powerful and brilliant women--and role models. This fellowship would not have been possible without my time here at SH, so I owe each of you a very big heartfelt thank you for investing so much in my learning and development and for exposing me to your high standard of work." Sarah Reckson

My experience at Southern Hemisphere
"Southern Hemisphere is one organisation that I would love to go back to given a chance. The organisation is well organised and the team creates an environment that is supportive and conducive for effective learning and personal growth. I would strongly recommend Southern Hemisphere to anyone who is thinking of pursuing a career in monitoring and evaluation as well as looking forward to improving their report writing and analytic skills.
Thank you Southern Hemisphere and keep up the good work. "
Freddy Lipeleke, 2015