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Project Templates

Terms of reference


2. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT/S TO BE EVALUATED (Objectives, outputs and activities of the project, target group/s and beneficiaries, area where
implemented, etc.)

3. PURPOSE OF THE EVALUATION (What are the findings going to be used for?)

4. OBJECTIVES OF THE EVALUATION (What does your organisation want to get out of the evaluation? How does the organisation want to use the findings?)

5. SCOPE OF WORK (What precisely must be evaluated? What are some of the questions that your organisation would like to have answered?)

6. METHODOLOGY (Suggestions, if you have any, on the methodology and approach that your organisation would like to see utilised for the evaluation (e.g. qualitative or quantitative study or a combination; interviews/focus groups, etc.?)

7. WHAT SHOULD BE COVERED IN THE REPORT (What should the report look like? What headings should be included e.g. Introduction, Purpose, Methodology, Findings - as per objectives of project/evaluation, etc.)?

8. COMMUNICATION OR WORKING METHOD REQUIREMENTS (How would you like SH to work with your organisation for this evaluation e.g. participatory, reporting/feedback requirements?)

9. EXPERTISE REQUIRED (Skills, knowledge and experience of evaluation team)

10.OTHER REQUIREMENTS (CV’s, Tax clearance certificates, profile of work, references etc.)


12.BUDGET (Indication of the available budget for this task)

Please provide with the TOR any background documents that you may have that would help to prepare a proposal –
such as project proposals, MEL frameworks, indicators, other evaluation reports etc.