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Implementing a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System

Objectives and methodology

Southern Hemisphere is a leader in the design of M&E systems. Our experience is drawn from a range of different clients including NGO's, South African government stakeholders and multi-lateral organisations. "Learning by doing" has given us practical insights into the steps to follow and each step is designed to maximise commitment and compliance. As you know, the best system needs the commitment of people to implement it.

The objective of the course in M&E System Design is to equip development practitioners with the knowledge and expertise to design, operationalise and manage a process using a M&E System.

The course builds on the foundations established in our course on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and presupposes a basic knowledge of M&E, particularly the development of an M&E plan.

The course also provides a space for development practitioners to collaborate with each other by sharing knowledge and experiences in the field.



Delegates will be able to

Understand the components of an M&E system

Understand what supporting institutional arrangements need to be in place for successful M&E and reporting

Operationalise the M&E system (i.e. how to make the M&E plan "come alive")

Outline the process of implementing an M&E system

Indicate the challenges and solutions regarding compliance with your data collection, analysis and reporting

Understand the benefit of adopting a participatory approach to design

Understand the Government-Wide M&E System

Understand who key partners are in an M&E system

Identify roles and responsibilities for M&E role players

Develop means of verification

Develop M&E system reporting formats

Conduct a stakeholder and situation analysis for the design of an M&E system

Course Outline

Overview of a monitoring and evaluation system (M&E System)

What are the necessary foundations for a M&E system

7 steps to developing a M&E system:


Step 1: Building commitment and cooperation

Step 2: Conducting a situation analysis for the design of a M&E system


Step 3: Methods for designing an M&E plan

Step 4: Design of M&E forms (means of verification)

Step 5: Design of reporting formats


Step 6: Developing guidelines for indicator definitions, data gathering, data analysis and reporting institutional arrangements for implementation of the M&E system. Developing guidelines for the use of M&E data

Step 7: Institutional arrangements for the implementation of an M&E system. Hints and tips for the successful design and implementation of an M&E system