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                      Webinar Series 


- Skills for development practice -

(07 September 2020 - 16 September 2020)

Southern Hemisphere will host a webinars series providing an overview of various topics related to programme design, monitoring, evaluation and learning for development programmes.  The series also shares ideas for adapting these processes for online suitability.

1 week full of short bursts of inspiration

All webinars are 1 hour each, from 15h00 – 16h00 SAST / CEST

1. Overview: programme design approaches (in an online environment) (07 September 2020)

This webinar provides an introduction to key planning tools/approaches used in development programmes (i.e. the Logical Framework Approach, Outcome Mapping and Theory of change).  It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each of these approaches.  It furthermore shares some ideas for adapting the design process for online co-creation.

Presented by Cathy Chames. Register here.

2. Theory of Change – (09 September 2020)

We will share an overview of the Theory of Change as a process and tool for programme design. We          provide an overview of key components of Theory of Change, and the steps to developing a ToC. Why ToC is a useful tool in times of rapid change, like the current COVID world. 

Presented by Tracey Phillips  Register here:

3.  Evaluative thinking during COVID 19 (11 September 2020 )

How to think like an evaluator:  critical enquiry and questioning. This webinar discusses evaluation                        as a tool for social change, and encourages people to apply evaluative thinking to decisions,                            including during this global pandemic.

Presented by Dr Mark Abrahams  Register here:

4. Qualitative data analysis (14 September 2020)

Unpacking social change requires qualitative enquiry. This webinar provides an overview of the key              steps in the qualitative data analysis process.  It introduces NVIVO as a software package for data              analysis; and other options for remote data sharing.

Presented by Nana Davies  Register here.

5. Learning culture for remote organizations: (16 September 2020)

What are the principles and practices of a learning organization? 

This webinar will share how an organization can maintain a learning culture through online platforms while working remotely.

Presented by Dena Lomofsky  Register here:

Cost:  USD 25 / R480 (including VAT) per webinar, go to Quicket to book or contact                                         


If you would like to book for a webinar, please
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Dates Course Title Registration link
Monday, 07 September Overview: programme design        approaches                                      (in an online environment) Quicket -
Wednesday, 09 September Theory of change Quicket -
Friday, 11 September Evaluative thinking during COVID-19 Quicket - 
Monday, 14 September Qualitative data analysis  Quicket -
Wednesday, 16 September Learning culture for remote           organizations Quicket -