Elena Mancebo Masa

Elena Mancebo is an experienced consultant on planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning. Over the past 12 years she has worked for governments, non-profit and development aid organisations working primarily in the African continent by providing an independent assessment of their projects’ performance; by drawing learnings that can help improve future programmes; by facilitating strategy and project planning; by building effective M&E systems that allow organisations to learn and measure progress; by facilitating training and learning programmes that build M&E capacity. She has recently worked in the fields of entrepreneurship and small-business development, affordable housing, education and leadership, youth development and collective impact, and human rights in Africa.

She holds a BA (Honours) of Social Science in Political Science from Madrid, where she is originally from. Between 2016 – 2018, she taught on Theory of Change for the Social Innovation Lab at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town, and since 2017, she is a tutor on Social Impact Measurement for the Social Enterprise Academy Africa. Sustainability and the future of African Cities is her latest passion and she has recently obtained a postgraduate diploma and a master’s in philosophy in Sustainable Development Planning at Stellenbosch University.

Recent experience includes:

Applied research and evaluation

  • Team leader on the final evaluation of the Capacity-building programme to Advance Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CAHRDA) for the Centre for Human Rights (CHR) at the University of Pretoria. The evaluation involved among others assessing the extent to which The Centre had been successful in building a platform for engagement and advocacy between Southern African CSOs and the Pan African Parliament on human rights’ issues through capacity building and facilitation  (2020). 
  • Team leader in the close-out evaluation of the Jobs Fund-funded ‘JF3 Leveraging Project’ for TUHF Limited targeting small business development, increased affordable housing opportunities in South African inner city and improved livelihoods.
  • Team leader in the longitudinal evaluation of the implementation of the Safer Communities Initiative programme, implemented by Fight for Peace International in Cape Town and Kingston, aiming at strengthening local response to youth violence (2017-2019). 
  • Team leader in a longitudinal evaluation for the Zenex Foundation. The evaluation assessed the performance of 97 learners from the 2014 Grade 10 Cohort all the way to their graduation from 9 independent and public schools (2014 – 2017). 
  • Team leader in the evaluation of the Anglo-American Investment Climate Facilities Municipal Capacity Development Programme for the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) (2015 – 2016).

Programme design, MEL systems

  • M&E advisor in charge of co-designing the monitoring and evaluation framework of AgriFi, a venture capital fund aimed at developing inclusive value chains in the agricultural sector in Kenya (2019).
  • Team leader in the development of a user-friendly Theory of Change and M&E system for the Make a Difference Foundation (MAD) to enable the organisation to track the impact of its holistic scholarship programme over time (2019)Social Development consultant and M&E expert in the development of process and systems to be used by BFA to implement Solidario, an award programme part of the Banks’ emerging social Foundation, for meritorious social development projects across Angola. Includes award structuring, due diligence process and tools and results evaluation (2018 – 2019).

Capacity building

  • Member of the learning coordination team (one of five) supporting nine Comic Relief-funded NGO and academic partners working in the field of girls affected by gang violence and crime in Colombia, UK and South Africa. (2017 – 2020).
  • Tutor on Social Impact Measurement two-day learning programme for the Social Enterprise Academy (since 2017). 
  • M&E advisor for NOAH’s Impact Area Leads (Home, Health, Happiness, Social Enterprise Development and Sustainability) since 2017.
    Organisational strategy
  • Facilitation of annual review and annual planning process for NOAH (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)