Designing and Managing Evaluations for Development Projects

Enhance your technical skills and capacity to design and manage evaluations for improved social change.

Course Description

This course is aimed at evaluation practitioners and managers looking to upskill their evaluation skills. During this course you’ll improve your ability to conceptualize evaluations, implement a participatory evaluation, and use those evaluations to facilitate accountability and learning. This course is based on the utilization focused evaluations and the participatory evaluation design approach.

What you will learn

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Design different types of user focused evaluations
  • Develop an evaluation framework
  • Effectively select an evaluation approach (Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods)
  • Identify and implement the correct sampling and data analysis methods·        
  • Use participatory processes to improve evaluations and learning

What the course will cover

Module 1: Introduction to evaluation design

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Module 2: Defining what is to be evaluated

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Module 3: Designing an evaluation (Technical perspective)

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Module 4: Designing an evaluation (Process perspective)

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Module 5: The evaluation journey from a management perspective

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Course Details

Our methods are interactive and you’ll be able to apply theoretical teachings to real-world case studies. Find out more about our methodology here.

Virtual classroom commitment:

This course runs over 1.5 weeks, with a 34 hour time commitment. This includes:

·         Six virtual sessions (3 hours each)

·         16 additional hours of self-study and exercises/assignments

In-person commitment:

2.5 day course

What you will get:

A certificate after completion of course, manual and list of useful resources

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1.5 weeks

2.5 days

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The team is amazing and well versed in what they do! very approachable and caring in their approach. I was shown a world of strategic planning that I had never seen/understood before, forever grateful. No matter your background in the working sectors, these tools offered by SH are golden! check out their courses! 20/10 stars!!

Quanita Booley